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Our Mission:

Partnering to build brands of purpose and lives of freedom.

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Listing Media, Promotional Videos, & Advertising Agency

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Build Your Brand 

Your Tools

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Know You

Advertising Agency

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Like You

Promotional Video

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Trust You

Listing Media

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Building Lives of Purpose




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Ever think:

  • Are they going to show up?
  • Hope this one isn't a pain to work with. 
  • Will the photos turn out well this time? 
  • When will I get them back?
  • They're charging me for THAT?
  • Wish they could make content that sold me too.
  • I hope they understand what I'm looking for.


Proven Outcomes

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"I have been a Realtor for 10 years and I've worked with other photographers in the past. None compare to Open House. I have so much confidence in them that my husband and I hired them to photograph our own home. We are thrilled with the results. The photos of my home were the best I had ever seen of marketing shots for a waterfront home. I have used their services for 3D tours and video as well as drone shots. Because they have a complete package of services, quick turnaround times, great pricing and highest quality I will use them every time!"

Peggy Palmer, MD

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"Open House has done excellent professional photographic work for Nations Home Group, Cecilia Hayes, Realtor. We are very impressed by them. They are responsive, talented, knowledgeable, and loved / appreciated by the home owners. Open House is a pleasure to work with, they are prompt, have an artistic eye, are easy to get in touch with and a real value. They cover a large geographic area ..... Open House is our go to for real estate photography."

Cecilia Hayes, MD

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"I love working with Open House for my real estate business. My listings always look beautiful and his Virtual 3D tours and Aerial Shots really are a game-changer. His editing and turn-around time is fast and the payment system and a la cart selection process is easy! 5 Stars and if I could give him 10 Stars I WOULD!."

MaryAnne Crewse, MD


This is what we do

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How they trust you

Listing Media

Photos sell the house, but all of it sells the agent. 


  • ​Flambient Photography, so even crappy homes on dreary days look like a million bucks. 
  • Cinematic Video, to close the million dollar sellers.
  • ​Everything Else, so you can stroll in with confidence. 
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How they like you

Promotional Videos

Getting clients is easy. You just need more people to know, like, and trust you. This is how you get people to like you - at scale. 


  • ​A single, well produced video, so you don't have to waste time and effort creating tons of pointless videos for social.
  • That tells your story, so you're differentiated from the masses of agents that sell themselves at a discount.
  • ​& shows your personalityso they know who you are & what you're about - no B.S., no surprises, & no unmet expectations
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How they know you 

Advertising Agency

Know what the 1 thing 100% of successful companies do? They advertise.


  • ​Reach the broader market, so you can break out of just friends, family, & referrals. 
  • Focus on selling real estate, so you're not always focused on selling yourself.
  • ​Scale your businessso you can live a life of purpose. 
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