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Listing Media

Photos sell the listing, but everything else sells you. 

We've got everything you need to walk into every listing presentation with confidence. 

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Flambient Photography

Flambient is a mash up between flash + ambient light photography. It's takes longer to shoot, longer to edit, but is worth it because of the best possible results. When you need the best the industry provides, choose this.

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HDR Photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It's the standard in the industry, but with two levels. There's auto blended and hand blended HDR. You can't see out of the windows with auto, but you can with the hand blended technique - that's what we provide. 

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Cinematic Videography

We say "cinematic" video because videos are meant to sell you - and that's done by being cinematic, romantic, bespoke, etc. When a prospective client looks at your previous listings, we want them to say "wow" - that agent knows how to market.   

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Promotional Videos

Marketing is simple: get more people to know, like, & trust you. A promo video is how we get people to like you online, at scale. It's not a sales pitch featuring a chest thumping top producer. It's an personal conversation that reveals your personality, heart, and worldview.

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Aerial Photography 

Owning a camera doesn't make you a photographer, but knowing how to use one does. We know the shots you're looking for. "Catch the mountain view, feature the water, show the acreage, etc. But give me some low altitude shots of the house, the pool, the view, as well." Rest well, we've got you covered.   

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Elevated Photography

When the FAA says don't fly, but the house is on a slope and we need to get some altitude, we break out the 30' pole and get what we can. While it's no drone, we won't be kept from getting the shots you need. 

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Matterport Tours

I know what you're thinking: "I don't like them - and my seller is worried it'll reveal all the dust." Well, firstly, it won't show the dust and a lot of buyers like them and a lot of sellers are impressed by them. So if you want to score some easy points, these are here for you. 

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Interactive Floor Plans

Floor plans are great, unless you don't know what you're looking at. So we make them interactive, with photos popping up when you place your mouse over a room. Additionally, these come at no extra charge when you order a Matterport tour.

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Virtual Staging 

Our top three priorities when it comes to virtual staging are 1) make them stylish & realistic, 2) easy to order, and 3) reasonably priced. Check, check, check - plus we'll deliver them by 10 am the day after they are ordered.  

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Design, Prints, & Delivery

Our top three priorities when it comes to print marketing are 1) a modern design, 2) high gloss, quality paper, and 3) next day delivery. And you guessed it, we've got all of that covered. Once the photos have been delivered, we'll design and send off to you for review the same day. After we've received the green light, we'll deliver the brochures the next day. 

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Agent Portraits

These days, we all have to be influencers of sorts. So to keep things fresh, you can get professional photos of yourself at your listings whenever you'd like. No need to schedule a separate appointment, just show up and it's photo-time. 

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Community & Amenities  

Ever been charged for a couple extra shots around the neighborhood? If yes, then you know how that feels. We're partners; so if there's a metro stop, park, or shopping center that would help sell the listing, we've got you covered - no extra charge, no extra fuss.

Let's jump into it

Frequently Asked Questions

 When will I get the photos back?

Photos are delivered by 10 am the next day, except on Saturdays - they will be delivered 10 am Monday. 

 How will I know the photographer is going to be there on time?

When the photographer is on the road heading to your listing, we will send you (and your client if possible) a text message with their ETA. 

 How many photos do I get? 

You get unlimited photos regardless of the sq. ft. of the property. Depending on the judgement of the photographer, you'll get about 30-70 photos. 

 What if the house is messy?

Our photographers will spend 10-15 min prepping the house by turning on lights, opening blinds, setting down toilet seats, putting away dog bowls, etc. However, if it's going to take more than 15 min to prep, we'll either shoot it as is or consult you on how to move forward.

 Any rescheduling fees?

If you reschedule or cancel the day before, no harm, no foul. However, if it's the day of the shoot, we ask you to cover our lost time with $125. 

 How do I book? 

Media can be booked using our automated web app on this website, emailing, or by calling/texting Tezza at 240-255-3775.

 Can you photoshop that out?

Retouching trash cans, cats, cloudy skies, and most small items is generally done at no cost; however, we do have to charge our typical virtual staging cost for major photo renovations. 

 How should I reschedule? 

Shoots can be rescheduled from your client portal, through the confirmation email, by emailing, or by calling/texting Tezza at 240-255-3775.